Current ME/CFS Campaign

Current ME/CFS Campaign

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The Foundation is a 501(c)(3), Tax ID: 26-4712664.

The Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) actively sources and funds collaborative medical research to develop effective treatments & diagnostic markers for neuro-immune diseases including Autism, ME/CSF, MS, Lyme and others.

In following its mission, the OMF is currently seeking donations to support implementation of the OMI-MERIT Initiative lead by the Open Medicine Institute (OMI).  This is a strategic initiative of OMI and its collaborators to put the best science and people together in an organized, collaborative plan to discover and apply diagnostic and treatment solutions for ME/CFS. OMI-MERIT priority projects and their costs are listed below. For more detailed information about the initiative and each of these projects, click here.

OMI-MERIT Priority Projects

  1. Treatment: Phase 1: A Large-scale, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Trial of Rituximab and Valgancyclovir  – Options for a 150-300 patient study.
  2. An International Neuro Registry and Biobank -  Unlimited international registry and detailed 1000 specimen survey.  Partially funded via a grant from the VMware Foundation.
  3. Protein Panel in Treatment and Naïve Patients - Over 250 samples to be run on a detailed array of protein platforms.
  4. Treatment: Phase 2: Other Therapy Mono and Combination Pilots – Two case-control studies and three pilot studies.
  5. Immunologic Biomarker – Three pilot studies 
  6. DNA Genetics – Fully funded via a grant from the Edward P. Evans Foundation.
  7. Mass Spectroscopy/Environmental Measurements 
  8. Comprehensive Viral Testing
  9. Advanced Immunologic Biomarker Study
  10. Treatment: Phase 3: Natural and Over-the-Counter Substances – First pilot study (Moringa oliefera) funded by NIDA (Neuro-immune Disease Alliance).  Additional studies planned.