Research Overview

Across disease states, the Institute’s research activities focus on:

  • Optimizing Data—OMI aims to recognize the full value of information contained in patient samples while working with partner clinical laboratories. With consent and full respect of patient privacy and anonymity, OMI makes use of genomic and other information in a patient’s sample as well as data from physiological and clinical evaluations to further understanding and develop targeted, effective treatments
  • Biomarkers—OMI is developing novel biomarkers based on clinical and genomic data to improve the identification of a range of diseases, including those that historically have been considered difficult to characterize
  • Clinical TrialsAll OMI trials are geared towards developing improved diagnostics and treatment options, and integrate clinical evaluations with genomic data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the disease and the patient
  • OpenMedNetEmbedded in the OMI model is the proprietary, high-performance OpenMedNet bioinformatics platform developed by Dr. Andy Kogelnik and the OMI team. OpenMedNet streamlines data collection, sharing, and optimization

Current Initiatives

Current initiatives include work in ME/CFS, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme, other neuro-immune diseases and cancer.

Institute Video

Click below to watch a video and listen to OMI’s multi-disciplinary, “big data” approach to advance the understanding of “difficult” diseases and improve patient outcomes.

OMI Institute Video

Research Sign-Up

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