Embedded in the OMI model is the proprietary, high-performance OpenMedNet bioinformatics platform developed by Dr. Andy Kogelnik and the OMI team. OpenMedNet is also available for customization and licensing within other technologies and health care systems, and it is a free service for patients. This integrated, cloud-based system is designed to streamline data collection, sharing, and optimization and is ideal for clinical trial/research protocol execution. By virtue of its unparalleled connectivity, OpenMedNet helps accelerate real-time, prospective clinical trials and improves the efficiency of virtual, retrospective trials yielding faster time to results and decreasing costs.


In addition to its research applications, OpenMedNet also helps deliver services such as:

  • Integrated electronic database for physicians and patients—providing patients with free, one-stop shopping for services and research participation, and helping physicians reduce the cost of delivering care, integrate disparate information streams, and save time and resources in the inpatient and outpatient setting
  • Laboratory testing through partners—helping community and hospital laboratories deliver better service at a lower cost

OpenMedNet—which takes advantage of existing clinical infrastructure and processes wherever possible—can directly engage and track high-risk events through patient/disease-specific dynamic communications via SMS text sessions, telephone voice response system, or Web front end. Hospital and provider data systems can be fully integrated, and laboratory and genomic information from biological samples can be included.


As a multi-layered, highly customizable platform, OpenMedNet encourages interaction amongst those involved in the drug development and healthcare delivery areas. OpenMedNet also helps to incentivize innovation and research in the community healthcare setting, for the first time aligning business incentives with advances in quality care in medicine.